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Tips for Choosing the Right Forklift:

Before you purchase a forklift, then you should think about a few things before you make a final decision. There are conditions that can help you select the perfect one that will meet and exceed all your needs.

  1. Environment: Figuring out the environment that you will use this equipment before you purchase one will ensure that you get the correct one. Will it be for indoor and outdoor usage? Will the surface be flat and smooth? Make out a checklist of your environment and usage before you select your equipment.
  2. Cargo Size: Determine the cargo size and the type of cargo that you have so you can select the right lift to meet your needs. There are different equipment and machinery that meets different weight sizes. Knowing approximately the weight of your items and cargo will assist in knowing which one will meet your needs.
  3. Height: Having the lifting height that your cargo will be stored will assist you in purchasing the right machinery. Some lifts are able to fit in tight small spaces, but can lift cargo to higher locations. Does this fit your space? Figure out the space and height of your cargo.
  4. Usage: Will you need a machinery for multiple shifts or just a few hours a day? You want the lift you purchase to stand up to the time that you need to have it used.

Key Industrial Types:

  • Counterbalance -The counterbalance are the most used for all types of businesses.
    – The counterbalance offers front forks for exact loading and racking of cargo.
    – The counterbalance comes in gas, diesel and electric power.
    – This equipment uses a counterbalance weight design.
    – There is added weight in the rear end that offsets the cargo to be lifted in the front.
  • Reach – The reach is designed and used mainly in warehouses.
    – The reach offers an excellent lift for added height.
    – The forks has the ability to reach out beyond the stabilizing legs which adds in height.
    – You can operate the reach in very small tight quarters and spaces.
  • 3-Wheel Counterbalance – The 3-wheel counterbalance performs in the same manner as the original counterbalance, but an added single drive wheel is added in the center rear of the machine.
    – The 3-wheel counterbalance is excellent for tight turns and circles.
    – This is great for all environments.
  • Powered Pallet – The powered pallet are powered pallet lifts.
    – There are forks in the front that allows a pallet to be picked up and moved for all loading and unloading.
    – The powered pallets are powered by an electric motor that can go in reverse, forward, raise and lower.
    – This is best used in a flat smooth surface.

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