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We can train the operator or the trainer!

Forklift Training and Certification
Our training sessions can be customized for any size group. If you’ve got a large warehouse with multiple drivers, we can train them all at once.

Important Notice

We provide customized operator training sessions for any business, depending on the fleet and application of the equipment your facility has onsite.

If you’ve got a large warehouse with multiple drivers and different types of lift trucks, we can train them all at once.

For more information on our OSHA operator certification for your business, please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch.

Please note that Atlantic Forklift Services does not currently offer operator training directly to individuals.

Since there are so many types of forklifts and applications, OSHA requires that forklift operators are trained at their facility on the forklift they will be using.

What does forklift training consist of?

  1. The first part of forklift operator lessons is online. There is a helpful narrator to walk you through this part where you learn about the basics.
  2. This online portion is focused on Stability and Capacity – more math and science applications in this one.
  3. Here we focus on Load Handling – how to approach, level, unload, etc.
  4. In Part 4, you’ll learn about forklift safety and lifting versus carrying loads.
  5. This section covers more safety topics like emergency braking, ignition, load positioning, etc. You’ll notice we talk a lot about safety!
  6. Before you get to the hands-on part, here you will learn how to do a proper inspection.
  7. You’re finally ready to get buckled up in a forklift for the last test. Train with a professional, starting with the inspection of course, and you can become a certified forklift operator!

It is important to note that after each online section (#1-#6) you have to take a short quiz so it is important to pay attention through the each section.

We recommend that you leave all forklift maintenance to the professionals. Our reasoning behind this is if the maintenance is done incorrectly, the forklift may become damaged and unsafe to drive. Safety is the most important aspect of material handling and maintenance must be done correctly. There is a checklist that must be completed before each shift and a copy of the checklist must be kept on file for 6 months in the event of an audit from OSHA. Operator Certification is valid for 3 years but if a driver gets into an accident while operating the forklift, they must be retrained. Our small, wallet-sized forklift certifications are ideal for every operator.

If you would like more information or want to get your team trained, use the contact form on this page to contact us..

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