Mid-Summer Forklift Check-Up

We’re elbows deep in Summer weather and even if you did everything we suggested in the Spring to prep for Summer, you still need to follow up because hot weather is very, very tough on mechanical engines and forklifts are no different.

Start with the battery.  Sure, you check it at the start of every shift but take a minute or two and really check it out. Hot Summer weather can result in excess corrosion and severely reduce your fluid levels. Check your battery cells and make sure the fluid hasn’t evaporated away.  It happens before you know it. Refill if necessary (checking for the proper pH).

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Forklift Load Lifting

We talk a lot about safety and procedure when you’re behind the wheel of a forklift and with good reason- but the steps that need to be take on board a truck don’t end once the driver engages the drive train.

Approaching and lifting a load have their own steps as well to ensure safe, efficient relocation of the materials.

Keep these steps and questions in mind as you approach a new load:

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Busting Forklift Myths Volume 2

Awhile back, we spent some time busting some widely-help forklift myths- things that people swear are true but just aren’t.  Let’s take a few more minutes and put some other forklift myths to rest.

MYTH:  OSHA requires forklift operators to carry a card certifying they are qualified to operate a forklift.

FACT:  Nope. OSHA does require that a certified operator be issued some type of proof of qualification, but nowhere does it specify that the operator must carry that proof with them like a driver’s license.

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Forklift Safety: Keeping Your Cool

Summer has just begun and already the mercury is peaking at mid-Summer temperatures and above- and if you’re in Arizona your days have been topping out in the hundreds for a month or two already.

Workers both on board a forklift and just getting things done around it need to be protected from extreme heat and cold.  In fact, OSHA demands it.

Since we’re mostly focused on the forklift and its operator and since it’s Summer- we’ll spend most of our time talking about keeping your operator cool.

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