Removing a Forklift from Service

Productivity and safety don’t have to be adversaries, though it sometimes takes some effort to make them work together.

You may be tempted to allow a damaged or compromised forklift to remain on the floor, but the fact of the matter is, there are instances where even a slightly damaged must be taken out of service. OSHA makes sure of that with a list of conditions under which a lift must be taken out of service.

LEAKS: Liquid fuels are considered to be hazardous materials and you don’t want anyone to be exposed to oils and gasoline. The fumes can be dangerous, most are flammable, and coming in contact with bare skin can cause irritation. Any type of leak must result in the removal of the truck from the floor until the repairs can be made.

OPERATING TEMPERATURE: You wouldn’t drive your car at an extreme temperature, and you shouldn’t operate your forklift if it’s running hot either. An overheating forklift can cause safety problems, legal troubles, and maintenance nightmares. Extreme operating temperatures can cause engine blocks to crack and seize up and that is dangerous and expensive.  OSHA says pull an overheating forklift out of service.

UNSAFE CONDITIONS: A compromised forklift may have trouble steering or stopping. The lift mechanics may be damaged resulting in a lack of control of the mast or the forks themselves.  Sometimes the condition surrounding the truck are unsafe.  Be vigilant here and remove a forklift from service at the first sign of trouble.

DEFECTS: This are frequently minor inconveniences that can grow in to major problems in the blink of an eye.  A small leak, a cracked hose, a bald tire – while maybe not enough to disable the forklift – can result in a catastrophic failure. There’s really no wiggle room here. OSHA demands the removal of the forklift if any operating system is defective.

SPARKS:  This feels like a no-brainer, but if your forklift is emitting sparks, go ahead and pull it off the floor.

As always, our mechanics and technicians know forklifts backwards and forwards and can identify any trouble you might be having with your trucks. Contact us at (704) 842-3242 if you have a troublesome forklift that may need to be taken out of service and repaired.