Using Safety Tape in Your Warehouse

We talk a lot about safety in your facility, and one of the tools you can use to help keep your warehouse as safe as it can be is multiple colors of floor tape, to mark off areas and keep your people, your equipment, and your materials far from harm.

Here are some suggestions you can start using today to make your facility safer:

Use different colors of floor tape to delineate separate areas in your warehouse to make it as functional as possible. Mark off Shipping, receiving, machining, storage and inspection areas with different colors so there is no question which function each area performs.

Clearly mark safe distances between racks and other areas like loading docks with bright yellow tape. The color yellow is traditionally associated with caution and will definitely grab your employees’ attention.

Find potential hazard areas and mark them with yellow and black striped tape. Think in terms of hazardous materials, trip hazards and moving equipment such as a forklift.

Potential collision points should be marked in red.  Cleaning gear, forklifts and other vehicles can cause all kinds of accidents if not operated properly.  Marking these areas lets everyone know there is a hazard in the making.

Use tape colors as follows:

  • Blue: Equipment under repair zones or work in progress
  • Orange: Machinery parts storage, charging stations
  • White: Carts and incoming racks
  • Black: Finished goods
  • Green: safety areas, eye wash, first aid, safety showers
  • Yellow: Safe distances and walking areas
  • Yellow with black stripes: Caution-required walkways
  • Red: high-hazard areas, emergency exits

Make sure employees are provided with a color-coded guide to the tape colors, and that the guide is posted in multiple locations throughout your facility.

Of course, our experts and technicians can help you through this process and can evaluate your facility and make safety recommendations any time you need. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about this very important process at (704) 842-3242.