Pallet Trucks and Electric Stackers

The pallets that we see being moved and stacked on top of each other in warehouses with all sorts of products are one of the most common load carriers you will encounter in the world of transportation.

To move these type of pallets around you need to have the right lifting equipment, in some cases, a forklift is just right for the job, in other cases you really need a reliable pallet truck to move a pallet from point A to B.

Atlantic Forklift Services is an authorized distributor for NobleLift pallet truck equipment, to learn more about pricing and product availability please connect with one of our sales representatives, call (866) 287-7610 or email us for more information.

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Type of Pallet Trucks:

Electric Pallet

The new model of electric pallet truck combines the advantages of manual and electric pallet trucks being the perfect electrical product for light and medium duty material transportation in most effortless and economic way.

Economic Walkie Electric Stacker

The PSE10 is an economic walkie electric stacker, with rated capacity of 1000kg and lifting height from 1600mm to 3500mm.

The compact and light design is suitable for a variety of low duty applications in warehouses.

Ride-on Economic Electric Stacker

PSE15-C is a ride-on economic electric stacker that is suitable for horizontal and short distance cargo transpotation.

PSE15-C is a combination of walking and standing stacker, load capacity up to 1500kg.

The stacker is powerful, reliable, easy installation and easy maintenance.

It is suitable for loading and unloading goods in factories, warehouses, supermarkets and other places.

Electric Counter Balanced Stacker

PS12/15CB-C is an electric counterbalanced stacker that is suitable for versatile applications.

It optional to have the rider platform or not, with rated capacity up to 1500kg.

Sit-on Reach Truck

Sit-on Reach Truck is a high-performance truck with high efficiency and excellent safety.

It is equipped with intelligent system and integrated with safety components to ensure the most efficient operations in big warehouse.

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