Cause & Action: Forklift Overheated Engines

Inspect vehicle before operationDuring the summer months fork lifts encounter extreme temperature changes. Operating under these conditions can and will affect the cooling systems of any internal combustion engine.  As a result, the unit can overheat.

Th­ere are several factors that contribute to forklifts overheating, but the most common factors are low coolant, radiator or radiator screens being clogged, inching pedals out of adjustment, the operator “riding” the inching pedal with their foot, clogged radiator hoses, broken fan blades, and loose fan belts.

Checking these items closely before operating may help you prevent overheating. Doing so will save service calls and sometimes very expensive repairs such as blown head gaskets or even engine or transmission failure due to overheating.

Our service department is ready to take care of you if you find any of these issues that need repair.