December Forklift FAQ’s

We still get questions.  We have all these resources, thousands of words in our blogs and we still get questions. That’s a good thing.  We love questions and can talk about forklifts all day.

Here’s just some of the questions we’ve been asked this month:

  1. Where can I get trained to drive a forklift?  We offer training to businesses, but if you’re an individual looking to learn how to drive a forklift your best bet may be a local tech school or community college. Remember that your training must be completed on the lift that you will be driving, in the facility that you will be driving in.  That makes training a challenge.
  2. When should I replace my forklift?  There’s no easy answer for this, but if you look at the big picture and analyze the cost of operation and determine when it starts to cost you money to run the thing, it’s time. When it is time, we can help you decide new-used, rent or own and help you select exactly the right lift you need.
  3. My operator had a minor accident. Do I really need to retrain him?  The short answer is yes. OSHA requires any operator involved in any mishap, no matter how small, be retained and re-certified on the exact forklift he/she will be operating. This is not optional and if you want to avoid OSHA trouble, you’ll make sure this happens.
  4. What’s a safe operating speed for a forklift? OSHA doesn’t really issue specific speed limits, but they’ll take a variety of factors in consideration- like the load you might be carrying, the limits and size of the truck, stopping distances and pedestrian traffic. Common sense rules, here.

Keep your questions coming! Contact us anytime at (704) 842-3242, we’ll be happy to discuss all your forklift needs.