Cleaning Your Forklift

We have covered the preventative maintenance topic quite a bit in this blog.  Not only can preventative maintenance keep your forklifts in tip-top shape and running smoothly, it can keep the people on and around the truck safe and working efficiently as well.

But there is something you might not have considered as a safety matter.


There’s evidence that a large number of breakdowns and accidents can be prevented by maintenance, and regular cleaning of your forklift.

It’s just a good habit to develop. You want to take pride in your workplace and your equipment, and forklift operators in particular should be particularly invested in the condition and appearance of their truck.

If your forklift spends any time at all outside, obviously, this creates a dilemma.  It’s likely not possible to control the general cleanliness of your outdoor working environment, so your lift is probably going to get grungy.  A daily cleaning is in order after an outdoor shift in a dirty workspace.

Indoors, cleanliness matters as well.  A regular wipe-down in a relatively clean environment prevents dust, oil, grease and other airborne debris from getting into the insides of the forklift and potentially causing a fire hazard. Keep your floors free of trash and paper products that can find themselves wedged in the undercarriage of a forklift.

Clean batteries last longer.  That’s just science. Be meticulous and it could extend the life of your batteries and your forklift.

On a gasoline or propane-powered lift, keep your radiator clean to keep your operating temperatures down.

Cleanliness matters in terms of efficiency, safety and workplace satisfaction.  You can learn more about safety and efficiency from our experts and technicians who can explain further how much keeping a clean forklift matters.  Give us a call at (704) 842-3242., and let us tell you all about it.