New Year Checklist

With the dawning of a new year, and plenty of people vowing to make 2018 count, there’s no better time to re-dedicate yourself to ensuring your forklift fleet is in tip-top shape.

Hopefully, your operators start every shift with a complete inspection already (since it’s required by OSHA), but let’s take this one a little deeper to give you a good look at just what condition your fleet is in.

Start with your forks.  Look hard for cracks and bent tines. Little cracks and faults can become big costly problems very quickly if left unchecked.

Check your tires. If your forklift is constantly moving in one direction or only turning left (or right) your tires may be wearing unevenly.  Make your regular tire inspection for tread-depth and general condition and then consider a rotation.  This will help you regulate the wear and tear on your tires.

If you’re running an electric lift, check your battery charging procedure. Make sure you are following the manufacturer’s specifications and not over-charging your batteries.

Hoses need love, too. Older hoses will split, bend or weaken. Take the time now to swap out any hoses that may be just old and ready to retire.

Chances are the new year finds you in a cold weather location. Make sure (if you haven’t already) that your lift is winter-ready.

Clean your fleet from top to bottom. Remove any excess or sloppy grease and oil and check the lubrication points for gunk (technical term).

Include your operators in this New-Year-New-You checkup as well. Make sure all their licenses are in order and training is updated. Follow up and complete anything that needs to be finished.

Anything you find that seems questionable, do not hesitate to pull that unit out of service until it can be corrected. As always, err on the side of safety.

It never hurts to take a good, complete look at your forklift fleet, and the New Year seems like a great time to make that happen.

Of you have any questions about these deep dives into your lift, let our experts and technicians know at (704) 842-3242.  We want your fleet to last as much as you do, and together we can make that happen.