Extending Forklift Lifespan

There’s no question your investment into your forklift fleet is a substantial commitment.  Why, then, wouldn’t you want to ensure your forklift lives a good, long life?

Of course you would- and here’s how you can make sure that happens.

You already know that your forklift can take a beating, carry a heavy load (literally and figuratively) and be the workhorse you need it to be in your facility.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t like a little TLC.

If not properly maintained and cared for, your forklift’s life can be shortened, and that costs you money and time.

Take the time to set a comprehensive short and long-term maintenance plan. Pay more attention to your fleet during heavy use periods. Compare last year’s usage patterns to current hours and see if you’re asking too much of your fleet and need to augment with more units.

Follow the manufacturers recommendations to the letter. Putting off and delaying things like fluid checks, battery charges or replacements, oil changes and tire rotations can only cause harm to your fleet.

Preventative maintenance is critical. If you do nothing else to prolong the life of your fleet- make sure you are doing this.

For your electric forklift, make sure you are treating the batteries with care.  Check the fluids and check for leaks regularly. Check the battery terminals for oxidation, on the forklift itself and check the leads on your chargers as well.

Finally, simply storing your forklift fleet in a clean, dry area can have a great effect on its longevity. This can go a long way to preventing oxidation on your battery terminals, and rust on the rest of the unit. It can even reverse the effects of oxidation if you’re too late and start storing your forklifts properly after they begin to oxidize.

This also reduces exposure of electrical parts to moisture, and as you might imagine this is important as well.

Just following these steps will help give your forklift fleet a good, long, productive life.  If you have any further questions about maintenance and repair, do not hesitate to contact us- out technicians are the best in the business, (704) 842-3242.