Enhance productivity with reliable forklift accessories

When you incorporate accessories into your forklifts on the job, you get twice the power, with increased efficiency and versatility. Boost the usability of your most useful factory or warehouse machine — the mighty forklift — to transform its abilities from just a standard lift truck. Not only do you save time with more efficient operations, you also save money because you’re not shelling out big bucks to buy an entirely new machine. You can buy attachments and accessories new or refurbished, depending on your budget and need. Forklifts are important additions to any factory or warehouse, as they’re able to maneuver into small spaces or thin aisles, transporting goods on pallets, in crates or on their own. Using attachments can enhance the operation of your forklift but operators must be skilled and trained properly in how to use them, says OSHA.

Check out these three forklift accessories that can increase your material handling efficiency.

  1. Booms.  Available in telescopic and non-telescopic models, booms are crucial to any warehouse operation because they can extend the reach of your standard forklift. Picking up and transporting heavy objects via a boom utilizes a swinging motion to transport those materials from point A to point B. If you picture a crane, you’ll see that the two are quite similar. With many boom types to choose from, you can get anything from reach over and fixed length to precision lifting and low-profile telescoping. These attachments are meant to boost your capacity and stability, perfect for lifting heavy loads.
  2. Work Platforms.  With safety and precision at the forefront, work platforms and cages allow you to do your job at virtually any height within the facility. These platforms bust through the conventional limitations of space, offering better, closer access to where you need to be. Making optimal use of vertical space is wise, and is made possible through the use of platforms and cages. No more climbing up rickety ladders or purchasing expensive separate equipment (such as cherry pickers) to achieve precariously placed jobs. By going with a portable loading platform as a forklift attachment, you gain the power to reach new heights.
  3. Self-Dumping Hoppers.  Versatility is the key with self-dumping hoppers, which are every-day attachments affording you a better way of collecting and removing garbage, and transporting goods, materials and recyclables from one place to another. You will enjoy the self-balanced nature of these hoppers, which gives you the ultimate in safety functions so you don’t have to maneuver and dump heavy bins, never mind return them to their original positions. With self-dumping hoppers, every part of the process is automated.Big Foot on the apple orchard

As you can see, it’s important to select the ideal forklift accessories in order to boost how well you operate machinery within your workplace. These attachments do even more: they increase material handling efficiency, lift and transport materials, and save money and time through streamlined operations. Complementing the abilities of your forklifts with accessories and attachments, such as bucket lifters, towing attachments, telescopic boom cranes and hoisting hooks, gives you far more options at your fingertips.