Embrace the Variety of Forklifts

Forklifts are the workhorses of your facility, lifting and retrieving materials that are too large or heavy to manage manually or that need to be stored in an unusual location.

However, different lifts are built for different things, something you might not consider when building your forklift fleet.  Let’s take a look at three reasons you might want to consider a little variety in your choice of forklifts.

OPTIONS: As much as we may try to stay ahead of potential malfunctions and maintenance issues, sometimes things happen and a lift needs to be taken out of service. Having a variety of forklifts in your fleet means that even though they may be designed for slightly different functions, they can be pressed into duty in a crisis.

SURPRISES: Sometimes, things just pop up unexpectedly.  That may be the only real constant in our business- the fact that no two days are ever the same. For this reason, having a variety of lifts in your fleet just makes you that much more responsive when these surprises come up. Knowing what your forklifts are capable of helps you solve these problems quickly and efficiently when they arise. Even having just one lift with a different function or capacity can make you more flexible and productive.

EFFICIENCY: In the same way many hands make light work, many forklifts just make you more efficient. Designing your fleet for multiple tasks means you can have several forklifts in operation at a time, performing different jobs and in different areas of your facility.  Narrow aisles, tight corners and small loading docks might be more than one type of lift can handle, but varying the forklifts in the same fleet makes those hurdles easier to overcome.

If you are building a forklift fleet, or are looking to diversify your collection of lifts, our experts can help you make the right decisions no matter what your specifics needs are. Call us at (704) 842-3242.