What you need to know about forklift tires

Forklifts have evolved over the past 100 years since their inception, and as developments and technology continue to take the forklift and materials handling industry to new heights- tires are getting a lot of attention.

Tires tend to be the biggest “wear” item on a forklift, and the biggest cost-concern for owners as well. Typically, tires can compose up to 30% of the cost of operating a fleet.

Here are some of the topics high on the list of forklift owners when it comes to their tires:

Non-Marking Tires: Once upon a time, it was European facilities that held non-marking tires in the highest regard.  That is not-so-slowly changing as they are becoming more prevalent in US facilities. As warehouses improve their floor conditions and facilities, non-marking tires have become a necessity- particularly in rental fleets.  Rental operations don’t know just where their lifts may be operating on any given day and they have made a large push towards non-marking tires.

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Used Forklift Warranty Information

There is a certain “buyer beware” element of purchasing any used forklift.  Of course, the AFS technicians and mechanics go over every inch of every used unit, and there are things you can do to make sure your newly-purchased used forklift will give you several years of good work.

Here are the warranty levels available:

As-is: No warranty available

The forklift starts and runs and moves forwards and in reverse. Leak-free and tires in decent shape.

Rental Ready Warranty

Forklift is thoroughly inspected by AFS, repairs as needed, no leaks (guaranteed), tires in great shape.

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5 Things to do to Make the Warehouse & Forklift Safer

It’s not complicated, keeping your facility safe.  Anywhere there are machinery, materials and people there are bound to be complications, but the fact is most workplace accidents can be prevented.

With that in mind- here are five things you can do right now, today, to make your facility safer for your employees, your equipment, and your machinery.

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Three Signs You Need a Higher Capacity Forklift

One thing worries warehouse managers. That day when the materials you are handling become too much for the forklifts you’re currently using.

Here’s three signs- the big three signs- your facility is in the market for a bigger forklift:

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