Battery Option

Options.  We like to have options. Hundreds of brands of toothpaste, shampoo, dish soap- every one pretty much the same, right?

There are plenty of options when it comes to batteries for your electric forklift as well. In fact, here in Atlantic Forklift Services home state of North Carolina, there are five major battery brands.

Before you ask, as with any vendor we work with, we make sure we match the best product for your forklift.

Battery pricing differs from battery to battery depending on the client’s needs. Each battery type will perform differently and is used in different circumstances.

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Crash Course for Outdoor Forklifts

Most forklifts are used indoors, or a combination of indoors and outdoors.  Some, forklifts, however, spend their work lives outdoors and they need some special considerations.

Let’s start with the lot you’re working in and around.  Paving matters.  Ideally, a blacktop or concrete is preferred over a dirt lot that can be uneven and develop holes and irregularities that can cause a forklift to roll over. Fix these immediately as they happen.

Moving up, consider solid or foam-filled tires. Sharp objects and other debris can puncture an air-filled tire- and while the initial expense of a solid or foam-filled tires is more, at least you’ll never have to call someone out to fix a flat.

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Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two warehouses are the same. Large and small, wide aisles and narrow, tall shelves and short- there are plenty of variables, and all of them can have an impact on what you need your forklift to do.

We’ve discussed the considerations for forklifts and your facility before- the capacity of the loads your truck will be moving; ventilation (electric vs. combustion engine); how many loads and the number of shifts per day; stocking vs manufacturing warehouse; how high materials will be stacked; width of aisles; what type of floor (marking vs non-marking tires).

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Part 7: Forklift Driver Training

It’s time!  I’ve spent a couple hours learning the basics of balance and stability and safety on the forklift, been intimidated (initially) by the math, and passed all the on-line tests with (if I say so myself) flying colors.

Now, the rubber hits the road, as they say.  It’s time for me to show up at Atlantic Forklift Services warehouse and take my practical test- hands on a forklift!

I would be working with Matt Cox from Atlantic Forklift, who knows more about forklifts than just about anyone else.  My practical exam would take place on a Doosan Pro5 truck- not a huge forklift that might overwhelm a first-timer- this felt like a good truck on which to get my feet wet.

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