Racking Your Warehouse

Choosing the right forklift for your facility is only half the equation. Your racking system needs to work together with your forklifts to provide the most efficient, safe storage possible.

Let’s start with capacity. Your rack system must be constructed so each shelf can hold what it will be asked to hold.

Placement and number of beams in the racking system can increase the capacity of the system if necessary and of course the racks should be constructed to hold more weight than they will regularly be asked to do.

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Why Choose Doosan Material Handling Equipment?

We get asked every now and again “Why Doosan?” For this list, let’s focus on the Doosan electric series of lifts, and the Top Ten reasons you should consider one.

  1. The new Doosan 7 series. It’s impressive, and the fingertip controls offer fast, instinctive control of the truck.
  2. The Guardian Safety System monitors truck functions and enhances workplace safety by monitoring functions like speed, turning radius and load height.
  3. Virtually maintenance-free oil-cooled disc brakes. The discs are literally submerged in oil, limiting wear and keeping them cool.
  4. An electro-magnetic parking brake prevents the forklift from rolling backwards on a ramp and allows the operator to leave the cage if necessary.
  5. The direction switch located on the hydraulic lift lever- meaning a safe, quick-change between forward and reverse– there’s no need to remove your hands from the steering wheel.
  6. The Curtis motor control system is preferred by operators everywhere.
  7. Doosan electric forklifts mean zero emissions, the lifts are perfectly safe for indoor and outdoor use without any considerations for ventilation.
  8. Less expensive maintenance and less need for it! No engine, transmission or radiator means no regular maintenance for the moving parts in those systems.
  9. Electric forklifts have a much tighter turning radius than gasoline or propane-powered units.
  10. Finally, owning a Doosan electric forklift means you get to work with the industry’s best team of mechanics and technicians.

For more than a century, Doosan has been an industry leader and can be found in every facet of the material handling and heavy construction fields. If you’re in the market for a new or used forklift, we can absolutely help you.  Get in contact with our team of experts and we’ll guide you through the information and find the perfect forklift for your operation.

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Just the Forklift FAQS

You have lots of questions about forklifts! Let’s try to answer some of them:

Q: Atlantic Forklift Services sells used lifts.  Are they inspected before you put them back on the market?

A: Absolutely. Our technicians and mechanics give all the used forklifts that find their way to us a thorough inspection and we repair and restore anything that pops up.  Our goal is to make sure that once it gets purchased, it’s ready to operate perfectly for its new owner.

Q: What kind of training is required to operate a forklift?

A: We’ve covered this extensively in this blog, and our content creator has even taken the training himself- you can find all those blogs here.

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End of Summer Basic Forklift Maintenance

Now that the days are getting a little shorter and the temperatures will soon be dropping along with the leaves, it’s time to prepare for the end of the Summer and your seasonal forklift maintenance.

As always, every shift should begin and end with the routine internal and external maintenance inspection as required by OSHA.

In addition to that procedure, let’s check your forks and look for cracks, bends, blade wear and other extreme damage that could compromise the integrity of the forks.

Check the welds on the forklift to make sure they are intact and not showing any signs of failing.

Take a good hard look at your tires, check the treads and make sure they are filled properly and not missing any rubber.

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