Doosan Partners with the MLB

The Boys of Summer are entering the playoffs, and starting this year you’ll see Doosan all over America’s pastime.

Doosan announced a four-year partnership with Major League Baseball and the American League Divisional Series.

The partnership means viewers will see Doosan commercials and other elements during game broadcasts on FOX, FS1, MLB Network and at MLB and Doosan will also create feature stories highlighting how teamwork produces winning results.

In addition, Doosan will offer baseball fans exclusive access to batting practice and press conferences as they happen through Facebook Live.

“We’re very proud that Doosan, a great company with a rich history and a global footprint, has chosen MLB as a partner to continue growing their business here in the U.S.,” said Noah Garden, MLB Executive Vice President, Business.

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How to prepare your forklift for the new season

The leaves are turning, there’s that familiar nip in the air, and we’re knee deep in football season.  All that means it’s sweater-weather, and it’s time to think about taking a good look at your forklift before it gets too cold.

Once Summer’s scorch subsides, start looking at your forklift and you can begin with our engine and cooling systems.

Cold weather can really damage your engine block, so anything you do now to prevent Winter’s bite can only help. If you don’t prep for cold weather you might dodge trouble, but then again- you might not, and that can get expensive.

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Becoming a Forklift Operator


We often get calls from young people who ask us how they can become a forklift operator.  While it seems like an easy question, there are certain requirements that make the answer a little complicated.  We’re going to try to unsnarl the details here:

First, you have to be 18 and have your high school diploma.  That’s the simplest part.

Secondly, you can’t just walk into a warehouse and ask to be hired as a forklift operator.  OSHA says you must have certification.

Acquiring the proper credentials is a two-fold process.  Some community colleges offer the first part of the training, which is an on-line portion focusing mostly on safety and basic operation.  We’ve gone through this part of the training for this blog and you can find those articles here.

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Warehouse Aisle Rules

Which comes first- the warehouse, or the forklift?

For this article, let’s assume you’re building your warehouse around your forklift. There are several considerations to be made as you determine how wide your aisles will need to be.

It is important to note that before you design your warehouse consult with your lift truck manufacturer. They’ll be able to give you the stacking aisle requirements and help you avoid a design flaw that could prove costly at best- dangerous at worst.

When you are determining the width of your aisles, remember that empty racks are only part of the equation. Loaded racks bearing pallets will require six inches more space- three inches on each side of the aisle. This “clear aisle” space is the distance between products stored in the racks- not shelf to shelf.

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