Doosan 11,000- 20,000 lb Internal Combustion Pneumatic Series

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 11.44.15 AMThese trucks have an optimized design and wide range of options for heavy duty operation.

Our 11,000 – 20,000 lb IC Pneumatic Series trucks are built to meet the requirements of your specific heavy duty applications with the aid of the following features:

  • Powertrain improvements that maximizes gradeability in order to handle the toughest yard conditions;
  • Fully electric autoshift on D60/70/80S-5 (3 Speed) transmission provides smooth gear shifting for fast and efficient operation;
  • Dual element air cleaner for peak engine performance.

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ModelCapacity (lb) PowerBrakeTransmission
D60/70S11,000/13,500/15,500Diesel Interim Tier IVPneumatic3-Speed Full Autoshift
D60/70S11,000/13,500/15,500Diesel Interim Tier IVPneumatic2-Speed Powershift
D80/90S 17,500/20,000Diesel Interim Tier IVPneumatic3-Speed Full Autoshift
G60/70S13,500/15,500 4.3 liter (LPG) Pneumatic2-Speed Powershift