Part Two: Handling Silica Dust Thumbnail

Part Two: Handling Silica Dust

In part one of this two-part series, we ran through the occupations and facilities that are most likely to involve exposure to silica dust- the potentially dangerous by-product of crushing, drilling or cutting concrete and other materials.  Long-term exposure to silica dust can cause serious and sometimes fatal lung conditions and you should read...
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Part One: Handling Silica Dust Thumbnail

Part One: Handling Silica Dust

These next two blog entries may, or may not, apply to the work your facility does – but it’s really important on several levels so it’s worth spending the time on. Federal regulations about the handling of silica dust in the workplace are changing, and if you haven’t already, you’re going to need to adjust quickly. Silica dust is...
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Tax Cuts and your Forklift Fleet Thumbnail

Tax Cuts and your Forklift Fleet

Plenty of questions these days about the tax cut recently signed into law by the current administration. While it hasn’t been without controversy, it’s good news for industries that move heave materials. One of the purposes of the bill is to increase business investments. Forklifts are among the types of capital investments, along with...
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Robotic Forklifts

As time marches forward, technology eventually catches up with every business- and the materials handling industry is no different. The latest trend is an underlying debate over so-called” robotic” forklifts. More popular at the moment in Europe, these robotic forklifts do offer some advantages, but at this point- as we’ll see here- the...
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Used Forklift Warranty Information Thumbnail

Used Forklift Warranty Information

There is a certain “buyer beware” element of purchasing any used forklift.  Of course, the AFS technicians and mechanics go over every inch of every used unit, and there are things you can do to make sure your newly-purchased used forklift will give you several years of good work. Here are the warranty levels available: As-is: No warranty...
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Doosan Partners with the MLB Thumbnail

Doosan Partners with the MLB

The Boys of Summer are entering the playoffs, and starting this year you’ll see Doosan all over America’s pastime. Doosan announced a four-year partnership with Major League Baseball and the American League Divisional Series. The partnership means viewers will see Doosan commercials and other elements during game broadcasts on FOX, FS1, MLB...
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Becoming a Forklift Operator Thumbnail

Becoming a Forklift Operator

We often get calls from young people who ask us how they can become a forklift operator.  While it seems like an easy question, there are certain requirements that make the answer a little complicated.  We’re going to try to unsnarl the details here: First, you have to be 18 and have your high school diploma.  That’s the simplest...
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What can social media do for your business? Your forklift? Thumbnail

What can social media do for your business? Your forklift?

It goes without saying that the internet has changed nearly every aspect of the way companies do business. From commerce, information and communication there is nearly no aspect of your business that hasn’t been affected by technology. Function of your facility can be monitored remotely via the internet, and you can receive notifications,...
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Busting Forklift Myths Volume 2 Thumbnail

Busting Forklift Myths Volume 2

                Awhile back, we spent some time busting some widely-help forklift myths- things that people swear are true but just aren’t.  Let’s take a few more minutes and put some other forklift myths to rest.   MYTH:  OSHA requires forklift operators to carry...
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Is your forklift the investment you expected ? Thumbnail

Is your forklift the investment you expected ?

Your employees have an hourly pay rate, and you can make an argument that your forklift does too.  So, how much are you paying YOUR forklift? We’ll explain. Forklifts, as we’ve talked about before, need maintenance. Daily maintenance, per shift inspections, periodic inspections and parts replacements don’t just happen, they take...
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