Help, my forklift isn’t starting! Thumbnail

Help, my forklift isn’t starting!

Your forklift operator has conducted his (or her) pre-shift inspection, climbs on board the truck, turns the key… and is greeted by silence. This is trouble as your forklift is an integral part of your operation. Here’s how to perform an initial troubleshooting in the event your forklift just won’t start: Check your dash display.  Is...
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5 Tips to Improve Forklift Performance Thumbnail

5 Tips to Improve Forklift Performance

Atlantic Forklift Services’ technicians are among the best in the business.  We asked them for a list of five things you can do right now to improve your fleet’s performance. Tires Check them.  You’d be surprised, our experts say, to learn how many forklift fleets are operating on worn tires. Just something as simple as checking...
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Expensive Forklift Repairs Thumbnail

Expensive Forklift Repairs

Anyone who has ever owned a car knows that now two repairs are alike.  Some are simple, other more complicated and it may be the easiest fixes that end up causing the most trouble. Of course, following recommended routine maintenance procedures can great alleviate both problems and costs. The same is true with forklifts. Repairs to lifts...
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Cleaning Your Forklift Thumbnail

Cleaning Your Forklift

We have covered the preventative maintenance topic quite a bit in this blog.  Not only can preventative maintenance keep your forklifts in tip-top shape and running smoothly, it can keep the people on and around the truck safe and working efficiently as well. But there is something you might not have considered as a safety...
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Part One: Handling Silica Dust Thumbnail

Part One: Handling Silica Dust

These next two blog entries may, or may not, apply to the work your facility does – but it’s really important on several levels so it’s worth spending the time on. Federal regulations about the handling of silica dust in the workplace are changing, and if you haven’t already, you’re going to need to adjust quickly. Silica dust is...
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Operating a Damaged Forklift Thumbnail

Operating a Damaged Forklift

Even with daily inspections and regular maintenance, forklifts will experience occasional failures of varying severity. In the event of milder equipment trouble, the temptation may exist to keep the unit in service, to tempt fate in the name of efficiency or production. We can’t emphasize the next four words enough: Don’t ever do...
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Extending Forklift Lifespan Thumbnail

Extending Forklift Lifespan

There’s no question your investment into your forklift fleet is a substantial commitment.  Why, then, wouldn’t you want to ensure your forklift lives a good, long life? Of course you would- and here’s how you can make sure that happens. You already know that your forklift can take a beating, carry a heavy load (literally and...
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Aerial Platform Inspections Thumbnail

Aerial Platform Inspections

Like any piece of heavy equipment, there are rules and regulations that affect the operation and maintenance of aerial work platforms as well. The regulations set forth by the American National Standards Institute require an annual inspection of your platform every year. The inspection must be performed by a qualified technician who has...
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Forklift Mast Hoses Thumbnail

Forklift Mast Hoses

Your mast hoses don’t appear, at first glance, to do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to your forklift, but the fact is they are critical to efficient, safe operation of your truck. This is why a daily start-of-shift inspection requirement includes the mast hoses. Even the smallest flaw or damage to a hose can cause expensive...
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New Year Checklist Thumbnail

New Year Checklist

With the dawning of a new year, and plenty of people vowing to make 2018 count, there’s no better time to re-dedicate yourself to ensuring your forklift fleet is in tip-top shape. Hopefully, your operators start every shift with a complete inspection already (since it’s required by OSHA), but let’s take this one a little deeper to give...
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