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Forklift Mast Hoses

Your mast hoses don’t appear, at first glance, to do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to your forklift, but the fact is they are critical to efficient, safe operation of your truck. This is why a daily start-of-shift inspection requirement includes the mast hoses. Even the smallest flaw or damage to a hose can cause expensive...
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Maintaining Forks on the Forklift

It’s called a FORKlift. They’re right there in the name of the truck. Yet, forklift forks are frequently the forgotten piece of the puzzle when it comes time for inspecting and maintaining a lift. Think about it. The forks do all the heavy work, they get dragged on the floor and make hard contact with the materials they are moving,...
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Understanding Down-Rated Capacity

You’ve found the perfect forklift attachment for your truck that will allow you to operate your fleet more efficiently and more safely and things couldn’t be better, right? Not so fast.  It’s possible- in fact it’s likely- that attachment will decrease the lift capacity of your unit. Here’s how this works- when an attachment is fitted...
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Unseen Hazards of Material Handling Equipment

Something we wrote about in passing in last week’s blog got some attention and we’re getting a lot of questions about something called Whole Body Vibration injuries. These types of injuries occur over time in operators of heavy machinery, and vibration can even exacerbate pre-existing injuries if precautions aren’t taken. Spinal injury...
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What you need to know about forklift tires

Forklifts have evolved over the past 100 years since their inception, and as developments and technology continue to take the forklift and materials handling industry to new heights- tires are getting a lot of attention. Tires tend to be the biggest “wear” item on a forklift, and the biggest cost-concern for owners as well. Typically, tires...
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Forklift Attachments and OSHA

Your forklift operators have been trained on the appropriate trucks and know those units back to front, but did you know that if you add any attachments or alter the forklift in any way operators must be trained again? OSHA has a list of requirements for attachments and any item that alters the truck’s center of gravity, visibility or...
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Forklift Tires

We got Don Haas to explain forklift tires. Why are there different options? Well think about all the different applications one could use a forklift and imagine each application having special tire...
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Battery Option

Options.  We like to have options. Hundreds of brands of toothpaste, shampoo, dish soap- every one pretty much the same, right? There are plenty of options when it comes to batteries for your electric forklift as well. In fact, here in Atlantic Forklift Services home state of North Carolina, there are five major battery brands. Before...
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Fork accessories for the forklift

You can buy just about any accessory to put on the forklift itself but what about the fork accessories?  There are a few options here, too.  Don Haas shows us what each fork accessory looks like and what function it...
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Forklift Battery Mythbusting

We’re surrounded by batteries that need to be charged, from smart phones to cameras, remotes and yes- your forklift.  For every battery type there is a charging and maintenance process that needs to be followed to get the most out of your batteries- and the process is likely different for each type of battery. There’s a LOT of bad...
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