Did you know?… Doosan Forklift Facts

  • The Doosan Group was formed over 100 years ago?
  • After acquiring Bobcat, Doosan became the world’s 7th largest supplier of construction equipment?
  • Doosan makes the G2 engine that exceeds every emission regulation without the need for a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)?
Many are still unaware of the quality that Doosan brings to the material handling industry.  Their standards are set high and offer simple, powerful performance. Watch this brief video to learn more about Doosan.

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Doosan sets the bar for forklift brake systems!

No one else in the industry offers the type of braking system and brake warranty that Doosan and Atlantic Forklift Services can offer.

Doosan uses an oil cooled disc brake system which uses a pump to continuously bathe the braking system – meaning you, the customer, don’t have to pay for expensive add ons!  Part of this system provides more surface area, better braking distance, and few brakes jobs compared to typical shoe brake systems.  Because they use more metal than plastic, durability is guaranteed. 

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DANGER! Propane Safety

Now that we’ve caught your attention, we thought it might be an opportune time to discuss changing liquid propane tanks on forklifts.  While this may be a routine task, there are still safety procedures that need to be followed to avoid hazardous situations.

We ran across the website for the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada recently, which focuses on specific group of companies and equipment – much of which is material handling in the agricultural industry.

There is a concise document addressing LP tank changing.  Our suggestion to you read then discuss this with your operators, after which perhaps post it as a reminder near your propane tank storage.

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Is your forklift the best fit for the warehouse?

A forklift is an important piece of equipment for any warehouse to have, but what type of forklift is the best?

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are seven classifications of forklifts, categorized as Class I – VII. Class I forklifts or electric motor rider trucks; Class II, which are electric motor narrow aisle trucks; Class III types that are electric motor hand trucks or hand/rider trucks; Class IV: internal combustion engine trucks; Class V: internal combustion engine trucks with pneumatic tires; Class VI or electric and internal combustion engine tractors; and, Class VII or rough terrain forklift trucks.

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