Prepping equipment for winter

Making sure your forklift is ready for the cold ahead is similar to everyday maintenance, but you’ll notice there are some more detailed items to check:

  • All safety equipment is functioning properly
  • Welds are not broken
  • Tires are full of air and are not missing any chunks
  • No visible leaks
  • Gauges are functioning properly
  • Chains and anchors are not rusted or cracked
  • Fluids are topped off – coolants, antifreeze, etc.
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    Doosan’s Game Changing Forklift

    In a recent article from SHD Logistics, Doosan’s Paul Watson wasinterviewed to explain how the new range of forklifts are a ‘game changer’ in the industry. “The BT/BX 7-Series is a complete redesign of our electric truck range that sets the standard for the rest of the market.  We were clear from the start that this should not be an upgrade with more ‘bells and whistles’. It is a brand new range, designed to be the standard against which other trucks are judged, in much the same way as the low-emission G2 diesel engine has proven to be a ‘game changer’ in that market.” New fingertip control technology, auto parking brake, and advanced Curtis AC control system are a few of the now standard features. Also, LED spotlights contribute to operator and pedestrian safety, increased steer angle to maximize productivity, and virtually maintenance-free oil cooled disc brakes come on the 7-Series. Doosan has come a long way since 1896 and this new range of forklifts will keep them on the path to success.
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    Introducing Doosan’s New Forklifts

    Doosan has unveiled the new 7 series B18/20T electric forklifts:

  • Oil Cooled Disc Brakes – 3 to 5 double sided discs per wheel.  The discs are submerged in oil, keeping them cool and limiting wear, making them virtually maintenance free.
  • Guardian Stability System – the optional GSS further ensures workplace safety by monitoring truck functions.  It will automatically limit the speed based on turn radius and load height as well as the degree of the tilt when loads are elevated.
  • Direction Switch – located on the hydraulic lift lever, enabling a quick change from forward to reverse motion safely.  There is no need to take your hands off the steering wheel or the hydraulic levers.
  • Finger-Tip Controls – while this is an optional feature, these fast, precise and instinctive controllers make operating the new Doosan 7 series effortless and efficient.
  • Unlimited Ramp Hold – the Electro-Magnetic Auto Parking Brake (EPB) prevents the forklift from rolling back if the truck is stopped on a slope.  Operators can get on and off without braking.
  • The powerful and reliable Curtis motor control system is preferred by operators everywhere.
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    Keep equipment from overheating this summer

    Rising temperatures increase the potential for damage to your material handling equipment.  You might experience engine wear at a higher rate, parts failures, and more maintenance expenses – which can all be avoided by taking a few precautions, assuming you are conducting regular inspections.

    1. Replace worn belts – belt failure can cause overheating.

    2. Coolant replacement – check and replace the coolant regularly to keep the machines running at an optimum temperature.

    3. Replace hoses – don’t wait until you see real damage, it may be too late.  Coolant can leak, increasing the engine temperature.

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