Keep equipment from overheating this summer

Rising temperatures increase the potential for damage to your material handling equipment.  You might experience engine wear at a higher rate, parts failures, and more maintenance expenses – which can all be avoided by taking a few precautions, assuming you are conducting regular inspections.

1. Replace worn belts – belt failure can cause overheating.

2. Coolant replacement – check and replace the coolant regularly to keep the machines running at an optimum temperature.

3. Replace hoses – don’t wait until you see real damage, it may be too late.  Coolant can leak, increasing the engine temperature.

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Best (small) Fit for the Warehouse

Move with efficiency…

Having the right tools in a distribution center, warehouse – whatever you call it- is essential to utilize best practices.

One way to increase efficiency and productivity is to keep up with the technology when it comes to your material handling equipment.  Something that can easily be trained to use, maneuverable in small spaces, and reliable is a sure way to stay in line with best practices in your organization.

A Walkie Pallet truck is extremely popular in warehouses because it can lift up to 4,500 lbs, the battery pack has a built in charger and requires very little maintenance – all adding up to a very cost effective choice.

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History of Doosan

Laying the foundation of success started early for the Doosan Company.  In 1896, Park Seung-jik opened a small store in Seoul, Korea, that made and sold a cosmetic powder – 29 years later this store would be named ‘Doosan Store’ and become a corporation.  Doosan is made up two Korean words: ‘Doo’ means a unit of grain, while ‘San’ means a mountain.  Together they mean ‘little grains that can build a mighty mountain’.

The Doosan Trading Company was established in 1951, leading them into the machine industry.  Yoohan Machinery sets Doosan up to be integral in developing Korea’s infrastructure in the 1960’s.  Just 20 years later, Doosan consolidates its businesses and emerges as a major conglomerate.  Throughout the next 30 years, Doosan acquires Daewoo Construction, Bobcat, Portable Power, Geith, Montabert, and Moxy Engineering.

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