Learn more about the Doosan company

Laying the foundation of success started early for the Doosan Company.  In 1896, Park Seung-jik opened a small store in Seoul, Korea, that made and sold a cosmetic powder – 29 years later this store would be named ‘Doosan Store’ and become a corporation.  Doosan is made up two Korean words: ‘Doo’ means a unit of grain, while ‘San’ means a mountain.  Together they mean ‘little grains that can build a mighty mountain’.

The Doosan Trading Company was established in 1951, leading them into the machine industry.  Yoohan Machinery sets Doosan up to be integral in developing Korea’s infrastructure in the 1960’s.  Just 20 years later, Doosan consolidates its businesses and emerges as a major conglomerate.

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Preventative vs. Routine Maintenance

With the new year approaching, many of us will be making resolutions to get healthier, maybe drop a few pounds and eat better.

We’re asking you to make the same commitment to your forklift in the new year, and to do that, much like you do with yourself- you have to understand the difference between “Preventative” and “Routine” maintenance.

For example, your own routine maintenance may start in the morning when you brush your teeth. The forklift equivalent might be checking the tires at the start of every shift, or making sure your mast and the surrounding elements are appropriately lubricated.

Your preventative maintenance routine may include a daily vitamin, or a regular checkup with your physician.  The forklift equivalent would be changing the engine oil and filters according to the manufacturers schedule, or getting a regular check-up from your forklift service provider.

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Your Loads & Your Lift

From your standard pallet-mounted load to rolls of carpet or bales of cotton there are as many types of loads as you can imagine.

So, what do you need to consider for your forklift depending on the load you are moving most often?

Since we love lists so much- here is a list of the Four Things You Should Consider in Your Loads, and Your Lift.

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Hiring a New Forklift Driver

It’s a common hazard of the workplace, employees come and go. So, what happens if you suddenly find yourself in need of a forklift operator?  Do you know what to look for?

You know your driver must be 18 years of age or older. Check.

What about training?  It used to be a generic forklift operator license was good enough and covered every type of lift there was.  If your operator could drive one, he/she was licensed to drive them all.

 That’s not the case anymore. Training for forklift operators is “application specific” and your operator must be trained and certified on the exact type of unit you are using, in the exact type of conditions your shop includes.

So, when you’re looking for an experienced forklift operator you’re going to want to find one with a lot of experience, of course, but the fact is you are going to have to put him/her through some training in your specific facility with your specific environmental conditions before your new hire can get to work.

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