The “Alternative” Forklifts

You’ve got product to move around, but it’s not especially bulky or heavy, or maybe it doesn’t need to be moved around a lot.  A giant forklift (and the cost) just doesn’t make sense for your operation.  DO you have options?

Of course you do.

Atlantic Forklift Services offers a complete line of warehouse equipment that can get your job done without having to purchase a full-blown forklift.

Let’s start with a standard hand pallet truck.  You’ve seen these before at giant warehouse stores like Sam’s Club, it looks like a forklift but it’s operated by one walking employee.  The forks lift just enough to get a pallet or two off the ground to move it a reasonable distance. Not necessarily intended for large heavy loads, these lifts are good in confined areas and can help your staff work smarter, not harder.

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Top Three FAQ’s

Ask any museum employee what questions they get asked the most and the answer is almost always the same.  They could work in the most interesting place in the world and the number one question is always this:

“Where is the restroom?”

We rarely get that question (through the offices on the right if you must know) but we do get questions that aren’t necessarily tied to specific forlklift functions.

Here are the top three questions we hear the most at Atlantic Forklift Services:

  1. Where are you located? Our physical address is 5509 David Cox Road, just off North Carolina freeways I-85 and I-77. Our gigantic facility is home to the sales, service and parts departments and holds 18 service bays, a wash bay, and a paint booth. It’s a forklift fanatic’s dream.
  2. What services does Atlantic Forklift Services provide? First and foremost, we sell new and used forklifts to businesses and people throughout the materials handling industry. Equally as important, we provide service (both in the field and in our spacious facility) in a timely manner. If you have a forklift in need of repair or maintenance, our goal is to be the first company you think of.
  3. What forklift brand do you represent? Atlantic Forklift Services is the primary Doosan dealer in the American Southeast. Doosan itself has been in business more than 120 years representing brands all over the world. They have three plants that manufacture 179 different models of forklifts in 89 countries.

There you go, proof that we do get questions.  If you read this and still have questions, of course you can contact us and our team of sales, parts and service experts and technicians will spring into action to make sure that your questions are answered, and that you become and remain a satisfied Atlantic Forklift Services customer.

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Workplace Ground Rules

Workplaces are like baseball stadiums.  Stick with us on this.

They’re similar in function, but every one of them has quirks that sets them apart from the others, and necessitates the establishment of ground rules that are unique to each park.

For example, the old Tiger Stadium at the corner of Michigan and Trumball avenues in Detroit had a flagpole in center field.  Not at the fence in center field, or just outside the fence in center field.

In center field. In the field of play. Fielders had to know it was there and play around it. (Editor’s Note: The flagpole is the only part of Tiger Stadium that is still standing.)

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Forklift History

You know your forklift as an integral part of your facility, performing tasks and keeping products and materials moving.  You probably don’t give your forklifts a second thought beyond operating them safely (of course) and keeping your business moving forward.

But the forklift actually has a rich history and played a large role in the American industrial revolution.

The origin of forklift technology dates back to 1906 when the Pennsylvania Railroad implemented a battery-operated platform luggage mover.

When WWI broke out, many men were called to serve their country, and left their jobs in factories and warehouses to do so. These men had to be replaced and a handful of companies recognized the opportunity and began developing lift trucks.

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