What to look for on a used forklift

Used forklifts can be great, affordable alternatives to buying a new machine.  However, with all those moving parts, you need to be sure you are getting a good deal.  Robert Scott takes us on a tour of a used Doosan forklift to show what you should be looking for when purchasing a used forklift.

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Forklift Forks

If there is a part of your forklift that is most taken for granted, it may be the fork. It’s the first word in FORKLIFT, it’s the part of the vehicle that always… ALWAYS… comes in contact with what you are moving and it gets the least amount of attention when it comes to maintenance.

They are simple if you look at it. One piece of hearty metal, bent into an “L” shape, maybe the simplest part of the entire forklift, but like any other part of the machine, they need some attention, too.

Start with adding the forks to your daily routine start-of-shift inspection. Look for damage (forks are tough, but they do get damaged.)  Look for any signs of compromise in the structure of the fork.

Look for surface cracks. Pay attention to the heel of the fork- the part where the front (the blade) bends into the vertical part (the shank). Make sure both blade and shank are straight.

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The Low-Down on Pallets

Find a forklift, and it’s very likely that nearby you will find a pallet or even a stack of pallets.  Forklift and pallets go hand in hand, so much so that it is literally difficult to determine which came first; the forklift or the pallet.

The standard pallet measurements in the US is 42” wide and 48” long.  Pallets have wooden slats on both the top and the bottom.  Don’t confuse a “pallet” with a “skid” which lacks the slats on the bottom side.

Most pallets are made out of wood, although some facilities that deal with food or easily contaminated materials will opt for plastic pallets. They are lighter than their wooden counterparts and therefore easier to transport. They tend to take up less space and are more eco-friendly. They also (and this is no small thing) don’t break as easy as wooden pallets and frankly they’re safer than wood as well. Wood splinters, plastic does not.

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Top 5 Forklift Accessories

Don Haas takes us on a tour, showing off the top 5 accessories that you will find on material handling equipment.  If your equipment doesn’t have these items or they aren’t working correctly, we would be happy to help!

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