Part 1: Forklift Driver Training

I’m a newbie.  Going into all this I knew very little about forklifts, forklifts accessories and couldn’t tell a battery-operated lift from an LP truck.

My minimal forklift experience was watching it move giant loads of amplifiers and staging equipment in my days as a stagehand on giant rock concerts and theater productions. My takeaway from those days- the drivers sat on the lift until they were needed, then they moved into action. To this day I’m not sure if every operation works that way or if forklift operators are expected to do other things, but on a concert load-in or out, everyone has a specific task and they stick to that job.

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Fork accessories for the forklift

You can buy just about any accessory to put on the forklift itself but what about the fork accessories?  There are a few options here, too.  Don Haas shows us what each fork accessory looks like and what function it has.


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Forklift Driving Lessons

Four tires, a seat and a steering wheel, how much different could driving a forklift be from driving a car?

It’s different. We’re about to send a newbie through fork lift operator training, a process we’ll document here, so we’ll get an insider’s view of just what the training is all about and how difficult it is. This is someone with next-to-no warehouse experience, so at the very least it will be entertaining.

Anyway, driving a forklift is different from a car. Cars steer from the front wheels, where a forklift steers with the rear, allowing it to make 360-degree moves in tight quarters.

Having a full understanding of the differences between a forklift and a conventional automobile is the basis for operating a lift safely.

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Extending the life of your battery-powered forklift

Batteries seem to have become a regular part of our hi-tech lifestyles.  At any given time you’re charging several items and something else is running out of juice at exactly the wrong moment.

You pay attention to how to best manage the batteries in your smartphone, but you need to pay just as much attention to your batter-operated forklift to keep it working at peak performance.

For starters, focus on your batteries. Water regularly, perform gravity checks and voltage testing and never over-discharge. Equalize your charge twice a month.  If you own a batter-operated forklift you know about all these processes but if you do have any questions we can certainly help.

Wear and tear on the other parts of the battery-powered forklift are very similar to internal combustion or LP powered.  Consider your battery as the “engine” of the electric lift and keep it watered, etc, and the regular maintenance of the rest of the forklift is the same.

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